Brief 1: e-Portfolios

What is an e-Portfolio?

A portfolio is essentially a collection of material that is developed over time, generally used to display one’s work in a neat manner. An e-portfolio is heavily based on this, however, it is an electronically based portfolio that can include many more formats than just written text, including images, videos, links and even audio recordings. Because the portfolio is electronic this means that many copies can be produced or shared in many different ways, such as via USB or CD-ROM

“An e-portfolio is a digitized collection of artifacts, including demonstrations, resources and accomplishments that represent an individual, group, community, organization or institution. This collection can be comprised of text-based, graphic or multimedia elements archived on a web-site or on other electronic media such as a CD-ROM or DVD” (Lorenzo, G. & Ittelson, J. 2005).

E-portfolios also allow users the chance to put their best work on display while also showcasing their skills and abilities to use technology, which is a necessity in today’s world, particularly in the work-force (Scott, S. 2014). This gives viewers a look at the user’s past history and how they have developed and reflected back on their practice.

Why You Should Use an e-Portfolio:

One of the main reasons e-portfolios are used today is due to the modern world’s positive stance on technology and society’s reliance on it as computers and the internet are used on a daily basis world-wide. This makes it easier for people because users only need a username and password in order to access their electronic portfolio rather than carrying notebooks and journals everywhere. Another considering factor is that sharing becomes much easier, particularly when job-seeking, as the user only needs to send another person a link to view an entire portfolio electronically.

“These days, one of the first things a recruiter or hiring manager does after receiving a promising lead is to search for the person on Google. Creating your own Web site or displaying your work on a larger platform gives you some control over what is found” (Zimmerman, E. 2012).

Modification is also an option with portfolios created electronically than traditional hand-written portfolios. An e-portfolio can be used for many reasons, whether it be personal, work or student-related, but it is useful for tracking one’s progress and achievements over time.


(Credit: TTU College of Educations Faculty: 31 Jan 03)


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