Brief 2: Proposal Through Q & A

What skills do I want to learn/develop/enhance?

I would like to focus my attention for Brief 2 on writing a story from more than one main character/perspective and in first person. I have always found myself to stick to one main character from a narrator’s point of view, therefore abandoning the other potential perspectives in a storyline so I intend on challenging myself in developing these two skills.


I am currently studying Creative Writing as my major and have found that in order to advance in writing screenplays, I need to learn to see multiple points of views and perspectives and not just write for one main character. I feel that in order to better this skill, I will also learn to be more creative when it comes to linking characters in a storyline, eg. in Ellen Hopkins’ ‘Identical’, readers are able to read from two girls’ points of views and therefore seeing certain situations through more than just one character’s perspective. I am taking this brief as an opportunity to learn a skill of my choosing in order to help me with my major.

What skill-development tasks will I undertake in order to accomplish this? 

I intend on writing my story in different forms (‘diary mode’ and third person perspectives) in order to strengthen my character-building skills. This will allow me to not only put myself in the character’s shoes, but to also include actions and emotions that I could use when writing in first-person, (eg. ‘She furiously pulled out her gun as the fear began to set in’ vs. ‘He scared me so I pushed the gun to his head’. The first example portrays a reaction mixed with emotions in a clearer manner and is told by a general narrator with no particular stance on the incident, whereas the second example is a rushed telling of events from only the one character’s point of view).

What web-based resources will I use?

I will be using multiple websites not only to help guide my story, but to also help keep me motivated on a weekly basis (particularly if I feel that I am leaning towards writing from one perspective again). These include:

These websites each have very interesting takes on writing from more than one main character’s perspective and also offer great advice that I feel I can use to the best of my advantage for this brief.

How will I evaluate my progress each week in order to reflect on it?

I will refer to my weekly plan, which involves re-writing certain parts of my story in different ‘modes’ (eg. diary or narrative and third person), and compare what I have written to the rules and suggestions stated in my guideline web-sites (see above for list of guideline websites). Each website will focus on the goal that I have planned for that week as there are many suggestions that I can apply to my work.

Do I have a framework in mind on which to base reflections?

I will be comparing my work to specific chapters from two novels written by Ellen Hopkins, ‘Identical’ and ‘Impulse’. Both of these novels are written in first person and therefore make it easier for me to compare them to what I have written. What I feel also helps my comparison of these novels to my work is that the story-lines all revolve around troubled and harm-inflicting individuals, therefore hopefully helping me intertwine the lives of my characters more thoroughly.

Will the project involve enough ongoing work for me to reflect on each week?

I believe that the project that i have chosen for Brief 2 will provide enough work for me to reflect on each week, particularly as my intentions are to write a mini-novel/fake recounting of actual events. Although some weeks may be a bit slow when I am to edit or write a plan for the story, I believe that most of the weeks will take up much of my time and patience, especially whilst comparing my work to other writers.


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