Brief 2: Weekly Plan

Week 7: Write a draft of the story (without planning) in order to compare first and final drafts by the end of week 12 using the rules and suggestions I have learned through the guideline web-sites.


Week 8: Look back at the first draft and see what needs improvement. Think about storyline more thoroughly, re-planning and including details or detailed situations about the characters.

Read more in to the real people that these characters are based on (June and Jennifer Gibbons) for guidance on their troubled lives.

Refer to

Week 9:

Develop characters personalities (mental problems?) more thoroughly through their personal diary entries. Refer to Chapter 6 in Ellen Hopkins’ ‘Impulse’ for imagery used to portray troubled personalities in the first person.

Refer to  and  on involving all main characters equally in the storyline.on general tips and rules given by author.

Week 10: Include more detail regarding the main conflict in storyline, keeping in mind the entire story should have even minor drama from beginning to finish.

Refer to for tips on multiple characters and keeping their strong roles throughout the storyline.

Week 11: Edit: adding or changing final draft. Refer to Ellen Hopkins’ ‘Identical’ chapter 19 on intertwining multiple characters’ story-lines together.

Refer to for any additional tips that can help strengthen the character’s main purpose of telling their story.

Refer to for enhancing and weaving together dramatic scenarios within the story-line.

Week 12: Compare: reflect on the comparison between first and final drafts through what has been learned via guideline websites and Ellen Hokpins’ novels.



I will also be  posting on an ongoing basis as part of my Reflective Practice, referring to Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle for advice.



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