A Little More Personal

My name is Shams Al-ani and I am currently studying at AUT University, majoring in Creative Writing. My passion for writing began at an early age when my parents realized that I would fail Maths and Science classes in order to spend more time working on my stories. I began to keep every thing I have written in boxes and now have stories that I wrote starting from eight years of age. You may also find me reading about crimes and trying to find out what makes the ‘abnormal’ tick. Brief 2 will largely focus on getting in the heads of two mentally-disturbed girls. By doing this I will be challenging my own skills and trying to better myself at something that I am not completely comfortable doing- writing as more than one main character from multiple perspectives. My main influences throughout the next eight weeks will be Ellen Hopkins’ ‘Identical’ and ‘Impulse’ and I will be using web-sites for guidance to improve my writing in these areas. Wish me luck! 🙂


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